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La Fin

No, it's not the end of Caren Austen, Ink, but emphasis on the importance of ending well. As Longfellow put it, "Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending." In fact, some people write backward, as it were. They start with the end in mind. Others create their characters and follow where they lead.

Either way, mulling over the end throughout the writing process is critical. As Longfellow pointed out, a great beginning is all well and good, but it's worthless if you end poorly.

I just finished reading Jane Eyre -- again -- and it reminded me what a master (or mistress) Brontë is at building to a climax, then finishing with a satisfying close. Yet another reason to read the masters, as well as the current bestsellers. "Much to learn you (we) still have, young Padawan."

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