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Getting Our Attention

Whoa! Isn't that the truth? When all feels right in our world, we go on our merry way without giving a thought to much except our own happiness as if it would continue forever. But, when pain hits, we cry out. We curse God and question Him, "Why me?" Funny that we never question Him when life is easy, as if that's what we deserve.

Pain gets our attention. Pain stops us in our tracks and makes us consider our lives and our world. People who never prayed before begin to beg God for mercy.

Pain causes us to grow up and mature. Oh, how shallow is the person who has known nothing but happiness and ease.

Pain teaches us humility, empathy and compassion. So, let it come if it will! No, I'm not a masochist; I don't enjoy pain. But, I'd rather walk a journey of pain for a time if it brings growth rather than stagnate in my own complacency.

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