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What Should I Write About?

Stuck without a topic? Surely you jest! No, seriously, I, personally, know that's a common problem. However, everyone has a story. And, not just one, but dozens. Just think back to childhood. Was it happy and fun? Why? Did you live in the city and play kick the can, or did you live in the country and catch fireflies in mason jars? Did you ride a city bus or train to school or did you walk a "country mile"? Were you one of the "in" crowd, or were you on the outside, looking in? Each of those topics has a story in it. And that's just childhood! Surely, some event worth telling happened at some point. Just try it out as an exercise if you're unsure. Pick one of those subjects and start writing. See what you come up with. You might just find a winner that's worth publishing!

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