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That's Original!

When I was a teenager contemplating my future, I considered becoming a concert pianist. I couldn't think of anything else that would bring me such joy. It had never occurred to me that I could write for a living. I brought my idea up to my wonderful and lovingly honest piano teacher. Her response? "It takes three things to be a concert pianist: passion for the music - you have that; tremendous discipline - you have that; and amazing natural talent - you don't have that." You might think that her words crushed me. They didn't. Because of her proven care for me, I knew she was right, and I moved on to other career choices, landing on communications and eventually zeroing in on writing.

I wasn't a genius at music. I am not a genius at writing. But I have had enough life experience, that I can be original. You can too. Take your experiences, put them in an imaginary glass box then turn them around to look at them from different perspectives. Find your voice and share your stories from your unique point of view. There is only one you. No one will ever be able to tell your story the way you can. You may have to delve into the sorrowful depths Kerouac speaks of, but it's worth it to let the story out. You will be better for it, and others maybe, as well.

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