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Let Your Light Shine

Each of us has a spark that, when cultivated, can inspire and benefit others. No matter whether you are in your "right mind" like me (though some might argue that point) and possess an artistic brain with almost no ability to grasp science and math or if you are predominantly left-brain or are a more balanced thinker, you have a creativity that can be nurtured to disrupt the status-quo in your field. Now, more than ever before, companies are seeking employees willing to think creatively and take bold risks. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're not that type of thinker. Anyone can be that type of thinker if you free yourself from the confines of what is currently accepted as "the right" way to do things in your field. It takes practice, and it takes courage. But, hey, why be normal? After all, it's just a setting on the dryer. Take a leap and see what happens. You might just soar.

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